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How I Style My H&M Light Pink Knitted Sweater

I've been doing well in my new job and it's because it has something to do with fashion. Well, it's something I really love doing wherever I go. As long as it's related to styling, I'll do it no matter what.

Now it's time for another styling challenge. I have an H&M knitted sweater that I bought at the store's kids shopping section and I have a hard time styling it. Why? The product is a little bulky and it's not appropriate with the weather we have here in this country. I was hoping to find a lighter knitted sweater but I couldn't find one at that time.

Though it's bulky, I really want to wear it!

Here's how I styled the item.

1. I looked for an inspiration by searching similar products through Google. I found this photo of the item.

2. I've also found a blogger who really donned a similar product. Check Style Lab for inspiration. It's also similar with what Lee Min Ho donned in one of the scenes of Legend of the Blue Sea Korean drama. Every time I wear this sweater, someone would always tell me the same thing.

3. My challenge is to style my H&M knitted sweater without going away with my modest style. So I decided to wear a knee-length black Bermuda pants. I finished off the look with a pair of B Club boots, another popular shoes that I own.

4. I kept my hairstyle and makeup simple because I want to focus on styling the light pink sweater. 

Because I really like knitted sweaters, I've decided to open an online store with similar items as my first products. Recently, I found knitted sweaters that are so lightweight and comfortable to wear. I'm so excited with this project because I can now use my talent and passion in styling. I'll let you know once we have our soft opening so you'll be the first to get amazing deals. Stay tuned!

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