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Dining In Style By Wearing Vintage Jacket at Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano in Venice GrandCanal Mall Taguig

I've written about my black vintage jacket in my other blog, but I haven't shared the feeling of dining at Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano wearing such a fashionable clothing piece. If you have followed my blog, you're probably aware that I dress up based on my mood, clothing standards and the event that I'm going to attend. This time around, I just want to look happy and yet fierce so I combined black and pink to create such a contrasting styling option.

Aside from that, the restaurant is located at Venice GrandCanal Mall in McKinley Hills in Taguig so I have reasons to wear my favorite stylish clothing items. There's always an excuse to wear a rare jacket or any unique clothing piece so I take advantage of any opportunity to do so. So if you have bought a rare fashion item, don't be afraid to showcase it. It will give you inspiration, motivation and confidence. These elements are necessary in having a classy lifestyle anyway.

The Restaurant

The dining place is situated near the gondolas at the ground floor of the mall so I'm really happy to see the people who enjoyed it while dining. I've been planning to eat here with my husband so I felt complete when it finally happened. I'm a fan of Italian dishes and it's even better if it has a mixture of Spanish cooking techniques. Enamored by the restaurant's classy yet friendly vibe, I have no regrets in having brunch there. The food handlers are friendly, the place is clean and well-maintained so I know more people will spend time dining at Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano.
The Food and Drinks

We ordered Paella Negra with Egg and Cheese because I've been looking for a dish that's blackened through seafood. I love squid, shrimps and other popular seafood so it's the perfect choice for me. Aside from that, I wanted to try their Carbonara and Strawberry drink. Although I didn't like the after taste of the paella, I liked the Carbonara and the drinks I ordered from them.

My Outfit

I have collected a lot of vintage jackets and one of my favorite items is the frilly black vintage coat. It's soft, well-designed and comfortable so it was the right choice for the dining adventure. To have a semi-formal effect, I teamed it with a white undershirt and a pink houndstooth skirt. The simple makeup and classy footwear completed the look. I've decided to wear black shoes with block heels so I can freely walk around Venice GrandCanal Mall in McKinley Hills, which is part of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. After all, I like to prioritize comfort and style over anything when it comes to styling. Aside from that, I'm inspired with vintage jackets that have a classy element and yet so functional. The rare piece that I donned for this day out has a chic zipper detail that added awesome adornment to the outerwear.

Before I recreated this look, I've created this fashion set through my Polyvore account so I can have a styling inspiration. I can't find a similar style for the skirt so I just settled in for a pink skirt with black dots for the style board.

Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to enjoy an affordable Italian-Spanish feast. I'm really impressed with the remarkable food presentation and the taste of their drinks. You can check Zomato to know more about it and plan your own dining adventure. I've also learned more about the dining place by reading a restaurant review of Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano online.

Since I had an awesome dining experience at the famed restaurant, I had enough energy to walk around and have picture-taking. It was a memorable day that I want to document it in this blog and share it with you, my dear readers. Take care and stay chic!

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