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Denim Over Denim For Effortless Street Styling

Need an instant fix for a stroll in the park? Let me inspire you to try denim over denim style. All you have to do is find a suitable top and team is with your favorite denim pants and jacket.

Over the years, wearing denim is a favorite. It's a fashion uniform that many people wear to accomplish their day to day activities. There are office settings that allow such clothing style for work wear. You'll never leave it at home during travel escapades. It's always part of your classy wardrobe.

I'm lucky because I have enough time to hunt for chic denim clothing nowadays. I found one piece that's really refreshing - the denim vest that I wore for this photo shoot. My inspiration is the natural pattern of brown, blue and light pink. Take a look at this Polyvore styling board for ideas to style denim over denim.

There are other things to consider aside from the beautiful patterns of brown, blue and light pink. Think about the place that you're going to visit wearing denim over denim. Is it a park nearby? Is it a shopping district? Where else? It's important to know the location because you'll need to pick a really comfortable inner top to match with the weather. Trust me, wearing comfortable clothes that will match the weather and the place you're visiting is really important.

 We had a stroll in the park before completing this fashion shoot so I know I'm wearing the right clothes. The brown top is a gift from my mother-in-law, the denim pants and vest are from a vintage shop and I bought the light pink wedges at Market! Market! last year. My fuchsia pink Maybelline lipstick is my favorite so you'll always notice that I'm wearing it in some of my picture-taking sessions.

That's my fashion diary for today. Do you like denim over denim look? I really love it! Thanks for reading my post. Stay gorgeous!

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