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Tempering Formal Red Skirt With A Frilly Black Jacket

The usual scene these days is the effortless way of style lovers in showcasing chic clothes. Thanks to the modeling prowess of our favorite style icons - there will always be a way to highlight one's look even when things change.

If you're moody, you'll agree with me that dressing up is a challenge. You're obliged to find an outfit that will be appropriate based on changing emotions. No wonder I got this new look today. Something happened in the workplace that I need to decide whether I'll let it go or not. Since I face difficult things by wearing unique pieces, I really need to be proper this time.

Even though I'm into this personal challenge now, I managed to push through with this fashion shoot. It was raining hard before this shutter moment. However, I got to do the task before I watch a movie. It's like there's no way I'll let Wonder Woman go without watching it in an entertainment complex near our place. She's an inspiration to me. The famed character, which is now played by Gal Gadot, has opened my eyes to the things that I really need to do as a real human being and as a woman.

Going to the photo shoot for this week's blog post, it's really a humble task. Since it's raining, the perfect place to find solace is SM Aura. It's really a beautiful shopping haven and so I've decided to have the fashion shoot there. I even asked permission from the guards so I can pose near their amazing artwork.

Here's what I got for this look. 
I have a dark red skirt that is too formal for a shopping activity so I decided to pair it with a white t shirt and a black frilly jacket. The idea is to soften the rigidity of the skirt by pairing it with an adorned top and a pair of black shoes. By the way, I can even wear this at work.

I'm always ready when it comes to styling a colorful formal skirt since it's very useful during Sunday meetings. All I have to do is shop for items that will complement the design of the skirt. Here, I'm really hoping for a balanced style without sacrificing creativity. If I have to use this skirt so many times, I can just pair it with different items that will match the look. That's how I managed to stay frugal when it comes to building my wardrobe.

As of this posting, I just finished watching Episode 14 of The Innocent Man, a 2012 Korean drama played by our favorite leading man, Song Joong-Ki. Are you familiar with its story? I might re-create a scene out of it through a photograph. After all, it is an emotional series. We can find a lot of things to learn from it.

I hope you're having a great time today. I'll invite you to come back and read my post next time. Good luck!

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