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Forever 21 No Photo Please White Statement Shirt

Have you tried participating in weekly office Theme Days? I got this Forever 21 white statement t shirt because of that. When I received an email that we are going to wear something like this in the office, I immediately bought my favorite shirt at the store. Since Forever 21 has a lot of items to offer for this look, I chose a basic piece so I can style it so easily. 

For the chosen statement shirt, I'm so enamored with something white with a round neck design. I need a statement that is really bold and unique. Here, I'm wearing a shirt with a really ironic statement, "No Photos Please," when I even took pictures while wearing it. 

Outfit: White Statement Shirt - Forever 21 | Black Trousers - Market! Market! Department Store
| Black and White Shoes - Preloved | Fuchsia Jacket - Preloved | Favorite Lipstick - Nichido

If I'll have this look in the workplace, I need to match it with a colorful jacket. I'm already wearing basic items so I need to don a really colorful outerwear such as a fuchsia jacket. The item is a bomber jacket with hoodie and two side pockets. I'm really grateful that I scored a stylish and functional item. It is made of soft material that it is really useful when I'm in a really cold environment.

My inspiration for this look is the chic street style options shown by my favorite fashion writers. If I'm inside the office I can just wear the jacket and take it off when I go outside. That is why I'm wearing a more stylish footwear here. I can just transform my style from trendy office girl to chic street style.

In this photo shoot, I opted for a slouchy effect since the outfit is not really formal. It is a mixture of office-ready look and font play street style option.

I hope you're having a great time today. As for me, I've just started training to handle another account in the office. I'm really busy so I wasn't able to write for my novel. I hope you'll still wait for the story that I'm writing, Karenezines. I really appreciate your support. Take care and good luck!

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