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Zest in Jorts For Weekend Styling

Here's a jorts or jean shorts styling for this week. Two years ago, Bermuda shorts are very popular. It's actually a trend that keeps coming back to highlight the look of many fashion lovers. Otherwise known as walking shorts or dress shorts, it is a type of short pants that was donned as semi-casual outfit by both men and women. According to Wikipedia, the hem is around one inch above the knee and it can be cuffed or un-cuffed.

BGC, Taguig | Black Coat, White Uniqlo T Shirt,
Forever 21 Jeans Cutout, Otto Heeled Shoes
As the days go by, we became acquainted with Bermuda shorts to be named also as jorts or something like that. Such is an ugly look, as others describe it, but it's also very interesting. Others even think that the style is socially unacceptable as noted by Esquire that talks about jorts styling for men.

Last weekend, I've decided to go on a styling experiment by wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts or jorts, a chic white top and a black coat fit for a modest city girl. The pair of blue heeled Otto shoes completed the look. My version of jorts is like what Gigi Hadid donned last month. It's a jeans short that I re-created from my old pair of Forever 21 denim by cutting it out. I did it to continue using the old pants and have a unique style for a change. This is a simple look so it's so easy to don, unlike the robe coat look for style inspiration that I had last week.

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