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When It's So Green For Street Fashion

What else is more hopeful than the presence of green hues? It doesn't really matter if it's lighter or darker, green is the symbol of life.

Embracing the capability of green to showcase a simple street style, I've decided to choose a green shirt from Bench for this photo shoot. We all know that the brand has a lot to offer when it comes to street style. I got the best shot for this one!

Outfit | Bench Green Shirt,
Black Trousers, Payless Shoes |
Track 30, BGC, Taguig, Philippines
If you've noticed in the past few years, I like a really simple and modest look. I'm into polished yet realistic approach of dressing up without sacrificing comfort and style. I want to move around fast, easy and as graceful as an eagle. Let's say I have a lot of tasks for the day, I need to bring only another top or shirt to change and then it's fine. For my pants, I chose fitted ones so I can pair it with a little baggy shirt like what I had here. It should be dark colors since most of my shirts are in lighter shades. The footwear should be comfortable and stylish enough to wear from day to night. Here, I'm talking about daily activities and special occasions aren't included.

We had the hard time looking for the best spot so natural lighting is present and this one is the only end result that represents my concept for this post. The vibrancy and beauty of the place really captured my heart and when you'll say it's in High Street, then it really is. What I mean is, it's so near the area so there's always an opportunity to explore for this one.

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