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Korean Drama Goblin Inspired Red Scarf Styling

I'm an avid fan of Goblin, and just like the sea of Goblin lovers out there, I'd like to make sure that I share my love of the Korean drama. Why I love this Korean television series? 

I have three reasons: First, I'm so amazed of the way the fantasy love story of the main characters was presented in the series. Second, it helps me cope up with reality that sometimes people need miracles. Third, they were able to select the right actors to portray the characters so seamlessly that you wouldn't mind watching it all over again in all forms of media such as online through YouTube, those episodes shared by Korean drama fanatics and through television. We all know that ABS CBN Network just aired the first few episodes of the show, including another favorite that is the Legend of the Blue Sea as mentioned when the good news was shared online.

I've always wanted to re-create this part by taking a photo wearing a red scarf. It's an iconic part of Goblin that broke your heart into pieces. Luckily, our dear Gong Yoo's character heard the prayers of the well-known Goblin's bride.

Here, I've shared a raw photograph to share a realistic emotion of being unfortunate and how I really look like when I am hoping for miracles.

I'm also in favor of the love story of The Grim Reaper and S-U-N-N-Y as it's really heartbreaking but has a happy ending. What I learned from the fantasy Korean drama? It's really hard to have a negative decision when it comes to love since you're going to pay a hefty price for it in the future.

It has a mixture of drama, fantasy and comedy so you'll really love the show. What are the things that you love about Goblin my dear friends? Share the love, fellow Goblin fans!

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