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A Love To Last Iza Calzado Inspired Robe Coat Styling

What styling option that I'd like to have to cinch my waist today? It should be a polished look. It should be trendy and cozy. Something that will show off my personal style - a modest city girl.

For an amazing blend of simplicity and uber style, I'd like to try wearing a robe coat. Such a bright idea started to tease me after watching past episodes of A Love To Last, a popular prime time drama series of ABS CBN. I saw the emotional scene wherein Iza Calzado's character asked for an annulment that broke Anton's heart. I screen-grabbed the part wherein she finally said it and left him, and it's for research and concept creation for this post. The gorgeous Iza showed off a ladylike look used to give life such a heartbreaking scene. 

Since I recently bought a robe coat with the same color as donned by Iza Calzado, I decided to re-create it by using some of my favorite pieces such as my Bench blue long sleeve shirt, black and white wedges and an off white handbag. To complete it, I just donned a pair of jeans. After doing more research, I've also seen photos of Kim Kardashian showcasing the robe coat trend. As always, she's truly gorgeous in every fashionable clothes she prefers to wear each day. Jennifer Lopez has a different take on this look by showing an old Hollywood style. She donned a robe jacket that can also be paired with a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt.

If you're inspired with this look, just look for a robe coat made of wool so you can easily use it day to night. Just wear tailored trousers underneath and a comfortable top to have a balanced style when you wear the robe coat. If you want to emphasize your toned figure, tie the belt properly. A caveat though, this is a fashion forward get-up. If you're comfortable wearing it, it's for you. Go girl!

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