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How To Deal With Negative Comments

Share your experiences in life to inspire others and you'll find it easy to win every challenge. Those people you inspired will cheer you up by acknowledging your example.
In this world, no one is perfect. Everyone has imperfections and it is even notable in times of challenges. As a result, negative comments arise and it usually come from people who have insecurities to handle every now and then. You'll see the ugly cycle in social circles that are present in our society today.

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There are four ways to deal with negative comments without sacrificing a good personality. That's handling negative comments in style. You don't have to taint your reputation by guarding yourself against people who love to give negative comments that are not helpful in the first place.

1. Know yourself.

In some cases, the negative comments forced upon you by other people are true and these things are beyond your control. Some are the things that they see in themselves but chose to relay it to you. As long as you know yourself, the truth will always prevail.

2. Stay away from people who are tactless.

There are people who talk more and think less. All you have to do is to be careful in dealing with this people. They're scattered everywhere and their ignorance is glaring. You'll always feel bad about their comments but you'll be free from them by disengaging yourself from them. Be friendly but always exercise caution.

3. Develop an alliance with like-minded individuals.

You'll never find like-minded individuals so easily. They're silent because they want to protect themselves. Learn to spot real people in an instant. Just look at their eyes and search for the truth. If they evade you for no reason at all, then such person is fake. After all, the window to someone's soul is the eyes. A person who is full of hatred and insecurities usually share negative comments almost all the time.

4. Create passion projects.

Why not create passion projects? It's the best way to spend your time wisely. You're not only avoiding people with negative thoughts, you will have a lot of opportunities to develop yourself.

Personally, I've known people who usually provide unnecessary comments to me even when I didn't ask for it. Let's say I dreaded the unsolicited comment or advice from a person who is insecure and failed to know me better. What are your thoughts about this? Will you still accept such person as your friend? For me, it's just enough to label the person as unattractive in all circumstances. Never trust a person who doesn't bring out the best in you. However, find time to listen to them as well. You'll have an idea how your enemies react when they have a chance to bully you. It's necessary to develop a perfect defense system that will work out even in unimaginable circumstances.

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