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Black and White For Hill Climbing

Sometimes it is so exciting to climb a hill. I'm really hoping I can do it once a year. For some reasons, it gave me a literal example of achieving success. Obviously, I had a really conscious effort to get the highest spot to have this fashion shoot. But it was all worth it! After the activity with my mother, we had lunch at Kan-anan Restaurant located at Sunset Boulevard.

Achievement For The Month
I really love what I did this month. After having a two-week vacation, I launched my new website that is annexed to my name. With my name alone, it's not available. There are many Karen Lopez across the globe. In our office alone, we have four persons named Karen in just one team. That's why I decided to have a domain named after Miss Karen Lopez.

Ilihan Hill, Dapitan City | White Shirt,
Market! Market! Black Trousers, Payless Shoes |

During my vacation, my mom and I had a chance to climb Ilihan Hill in Dapitan City. She has been telling me to go back there. She really enjoyed the trip. Aside from that, we were able to drop by Rizal Shrine and roam around the peaceful streets of the city.

For the trip, I donned a black and white outfit that is perfect for a day tour in Dapitan City. My black Payless shoes completed the look since it's not heeled and so comfortable. My white top is also comfortable since it's loose and well-designed. I had so much fun! I always believe that there's always a way to travel in style.

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