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How To Dress For Yourself and Still Look Absolutely Fabulous Despite On A Budget

I admit that it isn't easy to dress for one's self at first try. There are tons of things to consider aside from wanting to look effortlessly gorgeous. After all, fashion is key to success. Since not everyone is born for this endeavor, it won't hurt to do your own homework to ace it up. And of course, I'm here to help.
My ideal styling routine is checking my favorite magazines for inspiration. I shop very efficiently since I don't want to waste money. Although I tend to shop on a whim in some cases, I still have a backup plan when it happens to me. My secret is creating a list of style options as a guide. The truth is that I don't dress for anyone. I wear fashionable clothes and walk confidently anywhere because I owe it to myself. At first glance, no one can help me achieve my dreams but myself.
Since I've enlisted myself to help you dress for yourself without fear of harsh and secret comments from other people, let me lay down the essentials of showcasing one's style. Let's begin!
1. Find your own style and put it out there everyday. Did you know that your style is a prelude to your daily existence? People will judge you based on your demeanor but their greatest bias towards your presence is your look. As they call is first impressions last, you should use it as an advantage. Before purchasing tons of clothes, think about your personality. How do you present yourself to the public? Are you a modern woman who wins everyone's heart by looking effortlessly chic all the time? Or is your simplicity a weapon to defeat others? Whatever is your way to get what you want, it always start with how you present your style. Arrange your clothes in a manner you want to deal with others. In some cases, you need clothes for peace and tranquility. At times, you want to be taken seriously. Always be prepared by having a least one look for every occasion.
2. Prepare a reliable plan before building your wardrobe. Once you have identified your own style, you'll need to reinforce your wardrobe choices. Of course, you'll need to shop your closet first. Make an inventory of your clothing pieces and accessories. You can count the number of classy items and keep it. If you have trendy pieces, make sure that it's perfect to team with your retro items. Obviously, you'll need to learn the art of pairing to save money on your clothing expenses. After the inventory, keep a list of the items that you'll need to buy. For example, you have discovered that you need at least one trench coat. Include it in the list of your to-buy items. If the item that your planning to buy is really expensive, your best option is to visit your favorite vintage shops. Purchase the best trench coat with your style in mind, after all you're still doing the right thing to save cash while shopping. If you have chosen to buy it in a shopping haven, you'll need to spend more money. No wonder it's highly recommended to buy it in a thrift store.

3. Make sure that your accessories match with majority of your chosen clothes. It's really important to be wise in spending your clothing allowance. Based on your initial inventory, check your accessories one by one. You'll need a basic pair of shoes, a classy handbag and a reliable outerwear. These three items should match with your clothes. This is an essential trick to save you time while preparing every morning. Personally, I try to have a pair of shoes that I can wear everyday to work and buy two options to be used when I like to dress up. I only have two heels: one pair is colored and the other one is black. Then, I bought a pair of rugged looking black shoes for street styling. If I have money to spare for bargain hunting, that's the time I buy more fashionable footwear.
4. Listen to the comments of your friends about your style and personality. I can only guarantee that majority of your friends will give out compliments about your outfit. Others will tell you indirectly about your faulty styling techniques. Don't worry. Not all of them is aware of the best styling alternative so you need to be confident all the time. You can always alter your look if you find it really inappropriate. In other words, don't be afraid to experiment. In that sense, you will discover your best assets in dressing up and you'll learn a lot of things in the process. If your friends don't mind your styling development, you can also ask them instead. You'll get useful information if you solicit comments wholeheartedly.
5. Prepare at least three style samples and post it in your dressing room. Personally, I have four fashion techniques these days. First, I have a photo sample for a really simple look. This is the typical jeans and t-shirt look that we really like nowadays. Second, I have an alternative for jeans and it is a structured skirt. I want a structured design because it looks good on me. If I wear a delicate skirt, it should be long and well-designed so I can carry it effortlessly. Third, I have a perfect peg for wearing dresses. It should be modest, stylish and classy. The last one is celebrity styling sample. It's very creative since I don't have a common uniform. I can wear such look every time I'm in the mood to dress up. I like maxi dresses, suede designs and more. I can dream of wearing ruffled skirts and oversize shirts. Since I believe that inspiration is everywhere, I don't limit myself with ordinary clothing techniques. I improvise, restyle and repeat my  unique clothes every now and then.
6. Choose two to three fashion icons to copy once in a while. Supermodels exist to teach us a thing or two about styling. Although they're not our best friends in a literal sense of it, they're everywhere to guide us in dressing up. We often follow them online and check their latest fashion projects. Why not choose a model to be your style peg? She should be someone with a really remarkable style that you can relate with. Or else you'll be lost in a sea of styling showdown. Stay true to your individual style and look up to an icon that really empowers you to look and feel your best. To emulate someone you really like these days, you'll need a solid proof that it is essential to your efforts in dressing up for yourself. It's always easy to judge anyone as a fashion victim, but it's even easier to treat someone as fashionably chic who is as honest and sincere to her own self. Avoid looking like a pretentious wannabe by being sincere in your will to look fashionable no matter what. Always go back to who you are and how you want to express yourself.

7. Don't forget to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly for a sound mind and body. Good health is a contributing factor to look and feel good. I've learned this the hard way. I'm not fond of having a regular fitness regimen and I eat what I want everyday. It changes by figure and I had a hard time choosing for the right clothes. I ended up wearing just anything and worrying how I can wear delicate clothes for a change. Always remember that looking fashionably gorgeous requires a good posture, an enviable personality and total confidence. By having a balanced diet and regular exercise, you'll have a toned physique that's perfect for wearing fashionable clothing pieces.

These pieces of information are a product of constantly studying fashion as my passion. It's a hobby that I developed for years and I want to share the things that I learned with you. There's no rush in dressing for yourself. Enjoy the steps you take in going up the ladder of success in looking your best. I'm certain that you're looking for an inspiration and I take this opportunity to inspire you with my passion for fashion. Share my blog to your friends and let's have the best versions of ourselves. Stay chic!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Styling Inspiration and Review of the K-Drama

There was a time when I used to watch Korean historical drama other than fantasy series. I'm not into television shows that are simply intriguing and engaging. I want more of that. I like thrilling scenes, action-packed series and fantasy. Things change when I've seen a clip of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo one Monday morning. There must be something about this cheerful and sweet sports drama. So I started looking for available episodes to watch on YouTube and started it albeit reluctantly. I was only hooked because the leading characters stayed true to their promise - making us believe that life is colorful and we should live it with love and sincerity.

Today, I've decided to have a styling challenge with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Korean drama series as an inspiration. Lee Sung Kyung, who was dubbed as Gigi Hadid of South Korea, caught my attention when I saw her photos online displaying her modeling prowess. My favorite is the chic street look as she's wearing a pair of baggy tattered jeans and white t-shirt. Her eyes speak it all: fashion is key. Digging deeper, I found her awesome Instagram posts and photos for her leading role of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo K drama. That exactly led me to finish watching the television show and read more about her online.
The Look

Honestly, I find it hard to channel Lee Sung Kyung's look. My idea is to create a simple style that would represent he fierceness in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo television series. During shopping for the materials, I headed to different shopping malls, four vintage shops and I even checked my closet. I ended up buying this massive printed shirt that's really enticing. After all, it has the same color of the jacket donned by Lee Sung Kyung in the photo that I chose as my style peg.

Outfit: Top | Oversize Printed Shirt | Black Pants | Payless Booties | Lipstick from Beauty MNL

To face my dilemma during conceptualization of this photo shoot, I thought that the easiest way to channel one of Lee Sung Kyung's look is find a photo that made her stand out. She's so young and beautiful so I have to find a way to have an age-appropriate interpretation of her look. I haven't left my love of wearing massive printed shirts so I've decided to create this one. Luckily, I found a perfect shirt that is helpful for me emulate her style.

The Inspiration

I found a really amazing photo of Lee Sung Kyung at Amino Apps so I finalized the concept immediately. She's wearing a light pink hoodie jacket over a chic top. With her pensive mood and sweet appeal, she looks even more determined in this photo. I love the youthful look, the expression of her eyes and the innocence drawn out of her fresh style.

Obviously, I need a strategy to execute the plan. I might not copy everything of this look, which is admittedly impossible, I can draw out some creativity by producing two photos: the first one is her determined look and the second one is her sweet look. To achieve the second styling option, I made it look like I just had a new haircut. As usual, I've created a style board at Polyvore to inspire me to write this styling post. Although I don't have a pair of black wedges yet, the Payless booties work the same way to achieve an effortless sporty look.

Recreating the style is also very tricky since I have huge bright eyes. So I just appear natural and didn't smile in front of the camera to achieve the first look. That made me learn from this styling challenge - trying different styling options is fun.
The Review
Here are my thoughts about the Korean drama series, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. To give my heartfelt review of the show, I'll share my favorite scenes. I know some of you are hoping to see this on national television so I'll consider that. For those who have finished watching the Korean drama, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Kim Bok Joo is a sweet daughter. I really liked the scene where she helped her father in delivering the chicken to her school wherein one of her schoolmates Jung Joon Hyung and his friends are waiting for the order. She even said it's free leaving us thinking about his father's reaction to what she did. Here, the acting is really sweet and engaging. It would give us a clue as to what kind of friendship she would have with Jung Joon Hyung.

Also, it was around this scene that I felt the actor playing as his father was the one who played the right hand or agent of Lady Mishil in Queen Seon Deok drama series. Have you noticed it? I found it out later by research and I was right.

2. I'm always interested with the Libertango. Kyung Soo Jin played the character of Song Shi Ho and has provided us an amazing rhythmic dance number in one episode. As I watch it on YouTube, her appearance in a red lace dress that's perfect for a famed gymnast made me think she's on a fiery mission to win someone back. She has a past relationship with Jung Joon Hyung and you can imagine how it affects her first performance of the Libertango.

Aside from that, I was waiting for the scene where she would dance Libertango again in a gymnastic showdown and I got it in the latter part of the story. Why would she give up on her dreams in that way? For me, she wanted more out of liberty that she's willing to change everything. When she took Kim Bok Joo's health diary to made known the latter's secret, she did it out of jealousy but she realized she can't do anything about it in the end. She has to let Jung Joon Hyung go without regrets. I was happy she became a true friend to her ex-boyfriend and even told him that she was considered to be an assistant coach. She wasn't asked to play a typical jealous third party of a beautiful relationship so I was really happy. I can't forget her graceful movement and emotional representation of the Libertango. What an awesome rhythmic gymnast for the show!

3. The most intriguing scene is the one wherein Kim Bok Joo's friends discovered her true relationship with Jung Joon Hyung. This is the same scene that attracted me to watch the whole series. She was so furious seeing some girls meeting up with her boyfriend that she was forced to tell her secret to all of them. I can imagine my millennial friends can relate to it.

Nam Jo Hyuk played his part well by acting so afraid of his weightlifter girlfriend so the scene is so hilarious and engaging. I didn't know his acting skills here proved to be tremendous as he also appeared in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and it didn't disappoint all of us.

There are other memorable scenes but I'm so moved by these three examples. The coming-of-age K-drama is actually easy to watch, so adorable and cheerful. Many people can relate to it since there are scenes that are shown relaying events in real life. Korean drama fans can relate to the life struggles of Song Shi Ho as she was trying to win her ex-boyfriend back while facing the challenges of becoming a successful rhythmic gymnast to fulfill her mother's wish. She felt lonely, less fortunate and forgotten. On the other hand, Kim Bok Joo is a dreamer and someone who hides her insecurities by showing her tough side. She isn't insecure, though. She's just going through the normal feelings of someone in love that she wouldn't mind hiding some silly things to be true to herself.

All in all, Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is truly inspiring and marvelous. As it is inspired by the life of Olympic gold-medalist Jang Mi-ran, we can learn a lot from the story. It has taught us the lessons of being a true friend and a loving member of a family. I was caught by the Weighlifting Fairy fever so I know how you feel. It's going to be shown through ABS CBN soon so you already have a glimpse of it. Don't forget to check my short YouTube video at Miss Karen Lopez YouTube Channel for this look. Cheers!

Denim Over Denim For Effortless Street Styling

Need an instant fix for a stroll in the park? Let me inspire you to try denim over denim style. All you have to do is find a suitable top and team is with your favorite denim pants and jacket.

Over the years, wearing denim is a favorite. It's a fashion uniform that many people wear to accomplish their day to day activities. There are office settings that allow such clothing style for work wear. You'll never leave it at home during travel escapades. It's always part of your classy wardrobe.

I'm lucky because I have enough time to hunt for chic denim clothing nowadays. I found one piece that's really refreshing - the denim vest that I wore for this photo shoot. My inspiration is the natural pattern of brown, blue and light pink. Take a look at this Polyvore styling board for ideas to style denim over denim.

There are other things to consider aside from the beautiful patterns of brown, blue and light pink. Think about the place that you're going to visit wearing denim over denim. Is it a park nearby? Is it a shopping district? Where else? It's important to know the location because you'll need to pick a really comfortable inner top to match with the weather. Trust me, wearing comfortable clothes that will match the weather and the place you're visiting is really important.

 We had a stroll in the park before completing this fashion shoot so I know I'm wearing the right clothes. The brown top is a gift from my mother-in-law, the denim pants and vest are from a vintage shop and I bought the light pink wedges at Market! Market! last year. My fuchsia pink Maybelline lipstick is my favorite so you'll always notice that I'm wearing it in some of my picture-taking sessions.

That's my fashion diary for today. Do you like denim over denim look? I really love it! Thanks for reading my post. Stay gorgeous!

How I Style My H&M Light Pink Knitted Sweater

I've been doing well in my new job and it's because it has something to do with fashion. Well, it's something I really love doing wherever I go. As long as it's related to styling, I'll do it no matter what.

Now it's time for another styling challenge. I have an H&M knitted sweater that I bought at the store's kids shopping section and I have a hard time styling it. Why? The product is a little bulky and it's not appropriate with the weather we have here in this country. I was hoping to find a lighter knitted sweater but I couldn't find one at that time.

Though it's bulky, I really want to wear it!

Here's how I styled the item.

1. I looked for an inspiration by searching similar products through Google. I found this photo of the item.

2. I've also found a blogger who really donned a similar product. Check Style Lab for inspiration. It's also similar with what Lee Min Ho donned in one of the scenes of Legend of the Blue Sea Korean drama. Every time I wear this sweater, someone would always tell me the same thing.

3. My challenge is to style my H&M knitted sweater without going away with my modest style. So I decided to wear a knee-length black Bermuda pants. I finished off the look with a pair of B Club boots, another popular shoes that I own.

4. I kept my hairstyle and makeup simple because I want to focus on styling the light pink sweater. 

Because I really like knitted sweaters, I've decided to open an online store with similar items as my first products. Recently, I found knitted sweaters that are so lightweight and comfortable to wear. I'm so excited with this project because I can now use my talent and passion in styling. I'll let you know once we have our soft opening so you'll be the first to get amazing deals. Stay tuned!